Increased Sales Opportunities:

Qualified Leads, Building in Your Area –

• Qualified leads are generated by nationwide marketing efforts including national home shows, educational events and various print and digital ad campaigns.

• In-house lead nurturing program ensures dealers are only provided with the highest quality leads.

The Nation’s Most Recognized Log & Timber Brand –

• Recent independent market research has shown that Katahdin has the highest brand recognition of any log or timber home company in the nation.

• The value of Katahdin’s strong brand recognition extends to dealers by association and provides builders with a competitive advantage in their local market.

Protected Territories and Guaranteed Compensation –

Dealers are:

• Assigned protected sales territories.

• Assigned all qualified leads that Katahdin generates for their territory.

• Guaranteed compensation on any home that is built within their territory.

Competitive Commissions –

Dealers are:

• Paid within 5 business days of completed inventory documentation.

• Paid on ALL materials sold, not pro-rated based on individual components.

We believe that success comes from working together, not competing with each other.
Our dealers are assigned a protected sales territory that extends to both leads and sales. All leads generated by Katahdin that are building within the protected territory are assigned to the dealer in that territory. If any other dealer sells a home within another dealer’s territory, the owner of that territory is guaranteed a portion of the selling dealer’s commission.Not only does this structure provide a level of protection, it also encourages collaboration amongst dealers when a customer establishes a relationship with a local dealer but is building in a different region of the country.

Technical Service and Support:

• Detailed material quotes on custom plans, typically produced within 48 hours.

• Free preliminary design service on custom plans, with two free revisions

• Pre-construction consultation for first-time builders to review plans, construction manual and shipping schedule

• Managed drop shipments of common building materials and Andersen Windows

• Full-time technical support to assist with day-to-day construction questions and issues as they arise

Ease of Construction:

Here are a few examples of our building system components that make life easier on the job site:

Pre-cut Logs – In the first step of the customization process each log is measured and cut to length by a series of automated mechanical arms and laser-guided saws to the exact specifications of the custom home plans. Then, depending on the log’s purpose and placement, the log may receive a series of corner cuts, spline cuts, window and door cuts, flashing
cuts, plate row cuts, or gable cuts.

Pre-drilling – Each log in our wall system is pre-drilled for lag bolts. Like the cutting process, pre- drilling is computer automated, and the location of drill holes is automatically adjusted along the way to avoid stacking lag bolts on top of each other.

Barcoding & Labeling – During the cutting process, each log is run through a hot wax printer and labeled with identifying information that corresponds to the construction plans. Barcoding allows us to track each log through the manufacturing, shipping and delivery process.

Sequential Packing – In the final step of the process, logs are placed in palletized“packs” based on construction sequencing. Each pack is covered and tagged with a complete inventory slip detailing the full contents of the pack. The sequential packing system is designed so that the builder will only need to open two packs at a time on the job site.