Solar Ready design

Katahdin Cedar Log Homes and ReVision Energy, New England’s premier solar installation company, have partnered up to offer a more comprehensive way to add solar power to your log home.

If you’re building in Maine, New Hampshire or northeastern Massachusetts, and are considering adding solar power to your log home — either today or a few years from now — ReVision Energy will take your Katahdin plans and conduct a free evaluation and estimate for a complete solar installation.

Solar Ready evaluation will include analysis of:

Land and planned home orientation

Cost for installation of solar array

Preliminary home plan

Power rates and estimated usage

Available state and federal rebates

Once the evaluation is complete, you will be provided with a comprehensive estimate for adding solar power to your log home that will detail exact costs, savings, and return on investment.  Then you can make your final decisions on the energy efficiency of your log home with all the information and no pressure. It’s a no brainer, right?

During the design process be sure to inform your Katahdin representative that you would like to take advantage of the Solar Ready program.

For those of you planning to build outside ReVision’s Northern New England territory, the company is affiliated with 45 excellent solar companies nationwide through the Amicus Solar Cooperative network and ReVision can connect you to a local service provider. Contact us for more details.