Katahdin’s Green Practices


Like many of our customers and friends, Katahdin Cedar Log Homes shares current concerns about the environment. Living and doing business in Maine reminds us every day that the gifts we harvest are of great value and worth using responsibly. It’s in our nature as Mainers to respect our forests and natural resources.

Despite its fashionable appeal today, Katahdin Cedar Log Homes has always taken a “green” approach to our business. “Green” building and manufacturing not only saves money, it cuts the effect of global warming on our environment. Being energy efficient, managing our forests responsibly, and recycling materials are nothing new to Katahdin – new climate imperatives make our contribution to “green” goals that much more important. Here are some of the ways Katahdin is keeping “green.”

Ask a Log Home Expert

Ever had a question about a log home you thought too silly to ask? Ever wonder about a specific construction tidbit but were afraid to ask? Would you like to discuss your log home desires with a real person before committing to a meeting? Use the contact form today and simply add your comments or questions in the space provided and one of our log home experts will be in touch. The end of the day, a great product, great customer support and that personal touch that trained professional log home builders of Katahdin deliver really do make us stand apart from the crowd. Contact us Today.

Northern White Cedar

Katahdin uses Northern White Cedar exclusively for construction of its log homes. For us its a good choice since Maine’s Aroostook County – where our mills are situated – holds one of the largest stands of Northern White Cedar in North America. It is an abundant, sustainable and naturally renewable tree. Read more about Northern White Cedar here.

Biomass Boiler

Katahdin’s Biomass Boiler is one of the largest “green” improvements we’ve made to our manufacturing process. Nearly $1 million invested, we reduced our environmental footprint by not heating with fuel oil,  having to truck away thousands of tons of waste sawdust and scrap each year. To read more about this improvement please follow this link.

Making the Most of Cedar Logs

Katahdin has always made it a priority to reduce waste and use as much of the Northern White Cedar logs that arrive in their just-cut state. Because of our strict grading, not every cedar log we purchase is made into wall stock. So, we’ve devised alternative uses for just about every bit of the log that crosses our doorstep. Read more about how we have implemented a Zero-Waste facility.

Electronic Communication and Recycled Paper

Katahdin’s front office faces the same struggles as any business, trying to reduce consumables to bare essentials thus a reduction of an environmental impact in the course of doing business. Read more about Katahdin’s efforts on this page.


Maintenance is an important part of the decision process in choosing your new log home. Northern White Cedar has already given us a natural insulating benefit, but it also plays a role in minimizing the amount of maintenance and your exposure to harmful chemicals. Read more here.