Local Relationships. National Reach. There is no substitute for a great local dealer.

At Katahdin Cedar Log Homes, that sentiment has been a core principal for decades. The most important foundations that our homes are built upon are not made of concrete, but of deep personal relationships that our customers cultivate with their network of local builders, contractors and service providers.

While many other log home manufacturers have moved to a factory direct model, we continue to grow and enhance our local representation across the country. We understand that there is no replacement for local knowledge and support. It is that knowledge and those lasting relationships that can truly transform a house into a home.

The Katahdin dealer network started in Maine over 40 years ago with just a couple of local home builders. Today, we are represented by a professional network of local dealers in over 30 states, each one of them trusted partners that provide local expertise and help us fulfill the dreams of our shared customers. Over the past decade, the Katahdin dealer network has accounted for over 1,000 custom log homes nationwide. As demand grows, so does our need to form new partnerships with quality, local professionals.

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