Katahdin Forest Products, the origin of today’s Katahdin Cedar Log Homes, was founded in 1973 by Foster Gordon, Fred McCormick and Wayne Farrar. The three partners started the company with a desire to produce top quality cedar log homes, to utilize an abundant local resource of northern white cedar and to employ skilled labor from the surrounding southern Aroostook County area. Their hard work and ambitious plan has evolved into Katahdin Cedar Log Homes.

Katahdin’s manufacturing process has evolved from traditional techniques of hand peeling and shaping raw cedar logs to a highly sophisticated operation that can produce two cedar log homes a day. Foster Gordon’s son, David, has strengthened and grown the company to become an industry leader. Over the past 30 years, Katahdin has developed new techniques and technologies to improve the manufacture and construction of the finest cedar log homes, with a minimal impact on the local environment.

The company has maintained the traditions and common sense approaches for which Maine natives are known. Katahdin employs more than 80 skilled workers to operate Maine’s largest cedar mill. Each Katahdin employee feels a sense of pride and commitment that is nurtured from the top on down. Many employees make their homes in a Katahdin Cedar Log Home. Today, David Gordon and his company continue to look for new and innovative ways to keep improving the service, products and design that make up the Katahdin Difference.