Here at Katahdin Cedar Log Homes, we use every bit of the cedar logs we harvest. One of the products we mill ourselves is our Katahdin Cedar Fencing. Northern White Cedar is an ideal wood to use for fencing as it resists rot, insects and cracking over long periods of time.

How We Make Fencing

The raw logs are transported to the slasher, where the operator carefully grades each length for maximum use. Those lengths deemed best for fencing are transported to the mills where we cut lengths of six, eight and ten feet. Then, like the other cedar stock we use in homes, the rough wood is stacked. From these smaller pieces, we mill our fencing. Several fencing styles are available:

  • Privacy panels, often called stockade fencing
  • Spaced panels, or picket fencing. Pickets may be finished in several ways
  • Post and rail fencing featuring rounded logs
  • Round and square posts
  • Post caps, which provide a decorative finish to square posts

Commercial Fencing

Most of our fencing is produced at a commercial grade, which is re-sold to fencing companies throughout the Northeast. These companies then add their own flourishes and designs to complete the fence product. As the panels and other components are completed, they are covered with a UV protective barrier until they are shipped.

Log Home Landscaping with Katahdin Cedar Fencing

Like other “hardscape” components to your yard -including mature trees, patios, walkways, stone walls- Katahdin Cedar Fencing can prove a visual frame for your flowers and shrubs. Cedar fencing is a good choice for the same reasons you selected cedar for your home: beauty, durability, and resistance to rot and insects. For more information about Katahdin Cedar Fencing products for your home, please contact us at