After nearly 40 years in the log home business and hundreds of cedar log homes later, we are not only building great log homes but a great tradition in the log home industry. Below are a few links to learn more about your log home builder: Katahdin Cedar Log Homes.

Ask a Log Home Expert

Ever had a question about a log home you thought too silly to ask? Ever wonder about a specific construction tidbit but were afraid to ask? Would you like to discuss your log home desires with a real person before committing to a meeting? Use the contact form today and simply add your comments or questions in the space provided and one of our log home experts will be in touch. A the end of the day, a great product, great customer support and that personal touch that trained professional log home builders of Katahdin deliver really do make us stand apart from the crowd. Contact us Today.

Katahdin Cedar Log Home Mission

Katahdin Cedar Log Homes has more than four decades experience designing fine cedar log homes. Through our extensive network of authorized Katahdin Dealers and Builders, we can meet and surpass your expectations for a home that embodies the values of Maine craftsmanship, integrity and common sense.

ShowhouseLearn more about our leadership

At Katahdin Cedar Log Homes, we believe it is essential to lead in our community, in our industry and in our commitment to customer service. We’re making news in Maine and around the country, and we invite you to learn about our current projects.

A commitment to the environment

As residents of one of the most beautiful and unspoiled states in the country, we Mainers keep a close watch on how our actions affect our surrounding environment. Our business is dependent on nature and the sustainable harvest of cedar trees from Maine forests. And, we feel it’s important to support the active outdoors lifestyles embraced by so many of our customers. As a result we continue our mission to make smart decisions about energy and our surroundings.

Using the whole tree and nothing but the tree

One of the ways we’ve discovered to maximize our cedar logs is to make other useful items from the portions that don’t make the grade for log walls. Tops and other waste pieces are milled into beautiful cedar fencing, gates and other elements that unify your Katahdin Cedar Log Home with its surroundings.

Log Homes CouncilAn open invitation

Many of our customers spend some vacation time in Maine, enjoying our beautiful parks, wildlife and our vibrant cities and coastal villages. We’re always glad to give you a tour of the mill facilities to show you just how we do it! We also hold regular seminars over the course of the year at our facility in Oakfield, Maine. So consider yourself invited.

President David Gordon’s Message

Just because we’re “green” doesn’t mean our log homes are. David’s commitment to quality and continued improvement within the log home industry sets Katahdin apart. A Green attitude and a quality product is a hallmark of Katahdin Cedar Log Homes.

Log Home News

Besides making superior cedar log homes, we’re making news too! Read more about the accomplishments, accolades and improvements in the log home industry.

How about a visit?

When was the last time you were invited into the plant that manufactured your latest purchase? At Katahdin Cedar Log Homes we’re not only proud of the quality of log homes we deliver and build, we’re proud of our people, location, the great state of Maine and are personally inviting you to take the trip. Meet the architects that did the final design of your beautiful luxury log home. Meet the entire crew as they assemble each component of a log home. Heck, meet the president himself! All the moose in the area love it here, we think you will too. Call to arrange the full tour and we’ll make sure the coffee (or tea) is brewing.

Katahdin Cedar Log Home History

One of the original 13 colonies that began the United States, the deep woods of Northern Maine serves as the location of Katahdin Cedar Log Homes. Though not quite as old as the founding colonies, our 35 plus year history of log home building and designing, we think we have the edge in making your dream log home a reality. From hand peeling the Northern White Cedar logs to a modernized sophisticated manufacturing methods and our zero waste policy, you’ll understand why a Katahdin Cedar Log Home carries the distinction as a superior quality log home.

ABC Extreme Home Makeover

Months to plan, weeks to assemble the crews and 5 day to build, condensed into a 1 hour television special, Katahdin Cedar Log Homes was proud to be a part of a life changing event. Much has been written about this episode, here is our web page detailing some of the highlights.

Environmentally Friendly

Katahdin Cedar Log Homes didn’t jump on the bandwagon of the green movement, we’ve been doing it all along! Our zero waste policy, re-use and recycle manufacturing techniques has allowed us to be on the leading edge of the log home industry. That’s the whole log truth.

Landscaping for your Log Home

In keeping with our no-waste attitude, we utilize the entire log. What can’t be used for the walls, we use for fencing, posts, pillars and other assorted wood products. Ask about white cedar fencing to accent your new cedar log home, we think you’ll love the touch. (It can be finished to match your log home EXACTLY!)

Our Turnkey Solution makes owning a luxury cedar log home a simple 7 step process, turning your dream into reality. To learn more about the 7 Steps of Cedar Log Home ownership, please review The Katahdin Difference section of this web site.

Award-Winning Training

Builder Friendly AwardKatahdin Cedar Log Homes is one of the few log home manufacturers to be awarded the “Builder Friendly” designation by Building Systems magazine, a national trade publication that profiles innovative construction technologies.

To be considered for the “Builder Friendly” designation, log home companies have to meet a rigorous list of requirements – more than 20 categories of business development, collateral material and training.

Among the criteria considered for the “Builder Friendly” award, Katahdin offered:

  • In-house design services
  • Log grading
  • Construction manual and training
  • A written 25-year warranty
  • On-site construction assistance
  • Construction drawings
  • A written policy detailing the costs of design services and a host of other support services


Katahdin Cedar Log Homes, has developed ancillary businesses to utilize as much of the cedar trees as possible. One of those businesses is Katahdin Cedar Fencing, which takes the tops and lesser grade cedar logs not used in our homes and mills it into fencing posts, stockade panels and other fencing components. Northern White Cedar is an ideal wood to use for fencing as it resists rot, insects and cracking over long periods of time.

Commercial Fencing

Most of Katahdin Cedar Fencing is produced for commercial distribution and sold to fencing companies throughout the Northeast. These companies then improve on the designs with added elements to complete the fence product. Panels and other fencing components are covered with a UV protective barrier until they are shipped.

For more information about Katahdin Cedar Fencing products for your commercial fencing company, please contact us at email.

If you are a homeowner, please e-mail us and we can direct you to a fencing company that carries Katahdin Cedar Fencing in your area.