“I believe there are several things that makes a Katahdin home stand out from the rest. First would be the use of Northern White Cedar on the exterior components. I love the fact that Cedar is naturally decay and insect resistant, has a high insulation value, and has a low moisture content. As a builder, the low moisture content is extremely valuable. When considering becoming a dealer, I wanted to go at it more as a builder than a salesman. That said, I needed a product that I understood, believed in, trusted, and knew it could sell itself. From my experience Katahdin was the only option. I’ve been very happy with my decision, and I’m very appreciative of the Katahdin staff for the opportunity I’ve been given. They are a joy to work with and I look forward to what the future holds.” – Aaron Shaw, Builder and Authorized Dealer

“I’ve represented other log home producers during my over 30 years of experience in the business and they all pale in comparison to the ease of construction, fit and finish, and overall efficiency of Katahdin’s product. That said, I’m thankful for other companies because they do keep the restoration side of by business going!” – Ed Davis, Builder and Authorized Dealer

“Katahdin Cedar Log Homes is the most advanced pre-cut log home company in the industry.
The builders that have erected these homes praised the Katahdin detailed plans and the accuracy of these cedar pre-cut kits over all other manufacturers that they have built homes for.” – Bill Martin, Authorized Dealer

“I became nervous with my previous supplier when commission payments were delayed, excuses became the norm, national advertising & brand name recognition went away and key corporate staff began disappearing.  I was so pleased to find a company with a long, financially-sound history and an obviously bright future, staffed by people who are dealer and customer oriented.” – Terry Dudley, Authorized Dealer

“In the short time that we’ve been with Katahdin, we’ve received more leads, support and help than we did in 12 years with our previous manufacturer. We’d say to any prospective Dealer, once you are truly introduced to Katahdin and what they have to offer, you will not hesitate to become part of the team.  A winning team!” – Tom & Barbara Gaskell, Authorized Dealers