Finally, the day your home is delivered arrives! This date is generally arranged one to two months in advance, working closely with Katahdin’s mill in Oakfield, the truckers who will transport the elements to your building site, and the construction crew that will build your home.

Day of ArrivalDirections. Many of the home sites we deliver to are along unestablished or private roads, which may not have an official address yet. For delivery, Katahdin requires an official emergency 911 address. You’ll want to make sure that clear, concise directions are provided and that you have a cell phone in reach on the delivery date should your driver encounter any delays or need clarification.

First load. Most contractors arrange for the first load to arrive early in the workweek. Your Katahdin Dealer and/or your contractor will work to ensure that foundations and other site work are ready to accept the first load of logs from the mill. The foundation will need to be set or poured from as far out as a week to a day before the first shipment arrives, depending upon the type of foundation you have.

Multiple truckloads. Most homes can be shipped entirely on 2-3 trucks, but larger projects may require more loads.

Direct shipments. Windows, doors and other items included in your package may also be shipped directly to the site with another freight carrier at a later date.

Day of ArrivalUnloading the trailer. Make sure your contractor or representative has arranged for a forklift or other heavy equipment on site to unload your home components. The logs are stacked and shrink wrapped in the order that they will be assembled from the bottom up. Each log of the log walls is stamped with an identifying number and UPC code that will correspond to your building plans. Purlin timbers are not coded. Our Quality Control Department double checks each order before it is wrapped, loaded and shipped, so that you can be assured of having all the elements to get started.

Utilizing a staging area. If your home site is at the end of a steep driveway or is otherwise inaccessible by semi-tractor trailer, you’ll need to designate a large staging area nearby to off load from the semi onto smaller flatbed trucks.

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