Once your Katahdin Cedar Log Home is enclosed, work will begin on the inside to finish interior living spaces. Many of these steps will be occurring simultaneously or in different sequences, depending on subcontractor scheduling. Here are some of the steps involved in log cabin interior finishing:

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Interior partition walls. These walls will be constructed at this time. Interior doors, windows and other partition elements will be constructed.

Masonry. If you have any stone work around fireplaces or wood stoves, or have a masonry fireplace planned, the stonework will start as soon as the home is enclosed, sometimes sooner.

Wall insulation. If you opted for one of our insulation packages, then the inside of exterior walls will be finished with insulation package components (strapping and insulation sheets) and any wiring that is contained within insulation system on log walls. If your home is not using an insulation package, the walls will be drilled for wiring during the log raising. Once the insulation and wiring is in place the interior log siding can be installed to complete the log appearance within your home.

Interior log finishing. Once the interior walls are complete, the cedar surfaces need to be sanded and finished with protective finish. You’ll find that log walls are easy to keep clean once the finish topcoat is applied.

Electrical wiring. With an insulation package, you’ll find that your electrician will have a simpler and quicker means for wiring your home – which can potentially save you several thousands in a typical home electrical installation. With whole log walls, the drilling to accommodate electrical wiring will be done during the construction of the outer walls.

Stairways, doors and floors. Your dealer or contractor will be coordinating the construction and/or installation of stairs to lofts or second floors, including railings. Plumbing fixtures like sinks, tubs and toilets may be placed as well and finished with tiling surrounds. Hard flooring such as tile, hardwoods, Pergo or veneers will be put down first; carpeting will be one of the last flooring items to be installed.

Kitchen areas. Cabinetry will be installed and hung, and utility service for stoves, refrigerators and other appliances will be hooked up. Once the cabinets and sinks are installed, your countertops made from granite or other materials can be set into place.

Lighting, door hardware, doorbells. All the smaller items that combine to make a house a home will be installed as the larger jobs are completed.

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