For a long time, many home performance experts have downplayed the benefits of upgrading the window selection on your Katahdin Cedar Log Home. Often the extra money spent was considered a long return on investment (ROI) when compared to other upgrades. However, three factors have changed those ROI formulations to make opting for higher level windows a smart move. Here are three great reasons to upgrade your windows:

  1. Unpredictable Fossil Fuel Prices
    Whether you heat and cool with fuel oil, electricity, propane or natural gas, fossil fuel prices affect each source of energy. Recently natural gas and propane have spiked along with heating oil. The rise in natural gas has also dramatically increased electricity prices in many areas where power plants use natural gas.
  2. Improved Comfort
    Let’s face it, we’re spending lots more time at home since the pandemic shifted work from offices to home. That means more time in your house during the day translating to increased heating and cooling, plus more power consumed for lights and computers during these times. Some estimates put that increase at around 25% for heating and cooling and 17% for electricity. Top level windows are better sealed and can make a big difference in HVAC demand.
  3. Tax Incentives and Rebates
    The newly minted Inflation Reduction Act includes the Energy Efficiency Home Improvement Credit with tax credits of up to $600 for Energy Star exterior windows, and $500 for exterior doors. Other state and local incentives can be found here, listed by state and type of credit.

What Window Upgrades Make the Most Sense?
Opt for triple pane glass over double pane glass windows. Not only do they insulate better, but triple pane windows also virtually eliminate the problems of condensation during the winter. Condensation happens when outside temperatures dip below freezing and inside temperatures increase because of heating. This condensation is more likely to occur with double paned glass and over time can cause moldy sills and frames and may create rot problems.

Glass Performance Options
Another long-term savings upgrade are the types of glass to specify for your Katahdin Cedar Log Home’s windows. Andersen Windows, our window partner, offers several different performance glass options, including Low-E Glass, Smart Sun® Glass, Sun Glass, Passive Sun Glass and others. Depending on your climate and solar orientation, you may mix different performance glass for different areas of your home to maximize efficiency and solar protection or exposure.