Green Tip: Water Saving Self-Cleaning Toilet

Often the most innovative designs in toilets seem to come international sources, but this water saving toilet from American Standard has some Euro flair— and it cleans itself! The VorMax Plus toilet combines innovative design with automatic cleaning with a FreshInfuser secreted away in an easy access compartment behind the seat. The FreshInfuser automatically dispenses… Read more »


Katahdin Dealer Update—New Additions & Relocations

We really count on our talented network of Katahdin dealers to guide customers through the planning and building of a new Katahdin or Arborwall home. When one of our best Maine-based builder/dealers made a decision to relocate to be closer to family and warmer weather, we did everything we could to assist their transition. Aaron… Read more »


Loft Balcony Adds Air, Light & Views to Log Home Lofts

Lofts are such cost-effective ways to add living area to your Katahdin Cedar Log Home. That’s why we love this innovative loft balcony that opens your loft up to the outdoors. The Velux Cabrio Loft Balcony is easy to operate and has some great features that make it a perfect addition to your loft design.… Read more »


Spring Log Home Maintenance is Easy!

Winter can be tough on homes, especially if your area experiences snow and colder temperatures. Just like any other type of home, it’s smart to run through your spring log home maintenance checklist to keep your Katahdin Cedar Log Home in great shape. We’ve identified some top maintenance items to check this month. One of… Read more »


Green Tip: Smart Outdoor Sprinklers

The onset of spring means planning for a gorgeous lawn and gardens. Many homeowners opt for outdoor sprinkler systems that can keep your landscape green and gorgeous all season long! Sprinkler systems are now even smarter than ever and will monitor weather conditions to conserve water when it’s not needed. We noted two new systems… Read more »


Spring Events: Log Home Show Wrap-up Plus Open House!

Our log home show schedule is wrapping up in April and May with great events for folks to learn more about Katahdin Cedar Log Homes. In April we’ll travel to Harrisburg, Pa., with a final stop in May in Lake George, N.Y. We’re also working hard to schedule our next Logapalooza event so stay tuned… Read more »


Buckeye Lake Update

We’ve been following the family home project that Steve Dearlove, of The Dearlove Company started last spring in the Buckeye Lake area in east-central Ohio. As an Arborwall Solid Cedar Home dealer, he’s especially excited to see the final finish work on this terrific year-round home. He’s also enthusiastic about the progress that’s being made… Read more »


Try These Great Closet Organizers!

Make the most of your Katahdin Cedar Log Home’s valuable storage space with these innovative closet organizers we saw at the 2018 International Builders’ Show. Servetto Clothes Lifts —These nifty hand-levered racks allow you to utilize the full height of your storage closets. The clothes rack is suspended between two folding arms that pull down… Read more »


7 Reasons Why Cedar is the Smart Choice

At Katahdin we know quite a bit about cedar! Now—more than ever—cedar is an excellent species to select to build your new log home. Here are seven reasons why cedar is still the smart choice: Sourced in the USA — Softwoods like cedar and pine are sourced from many different locations. The source of our… Read more »

Two New Katahdin Log Home Events + Log Home Shows!

We’re excited to announce two new Katahdin Log Home Events in the next 30 days. March Log Home Madness First, we kick off our season with March Log Home Madness on Saturday March 31 in Gilead, Maine, where you’ll be able to tour three gorgeous Katahdin Cedar Log Homes! These homes are right next to… Read more »

Solutions for Cleaning Cathedral Ceilings

Those gorgeous cathedral ceilings, purlins and trusses in Katahdin Cedar Log Homes will require routine cleaning. We’ve found some tools and techniques to get you started with cleaning your cathedral ceilings. First, while it may seem cost-effective to leave the interior cedar tongue and groove natural, at minimum it’s smart to apply a clear sealer… Read more »

Deregulation Offers Green Electricity Options

Electricity deregulation became more widely available in 2000. In the years since, a total of 16 states have deregulated electricity at some level, offering options that include green energy electricity sources. Among these states, Texas is the most deregulated electricity market with about 85% of consumers having access to a choice in electricity providers. (The… Read more »