Two New Katahdin Log Home Events + Log Home Shows!

We’re excited to announce two new Katahdin Log Home Events in the next 30 days. March Log Home Madness First, we kick off our season with March Log Home Madness on Saturday March 31 in Gilead, Maine, where you’ll be able to tour three gorgeous Katahdin Cedar Log Homes! These homes are right next to… Read more »

Solutions for Cleaning Cathedral Ceilings

Those gorgeous cathedral ceilings, purlins and trusses in Katahdin Cedar Log Homes will require routine cleaning. We’ve found some tools and techniques to get you started with cleaning your cathedral ceilings. First, while it may seem cost-effective to leave the interior cedar tongue and groove natural, at minimum it’s smart to apply a clear sealer… Read more »

Deregulation Offers Green Electricity Options

Electricity deregulation became more widely available in 2000. In the years since, a total of 16 states have deregulated electricity at some level, offering options that include green energy electricity sources. Among these states, Texas is the most deregulated electricity market with about 85% of consumers having access to a choice in electricity providers. (The… Read more »

Green Tip: ThermoDrain

Ever wonder if it would be possible to recapture heat from drained shower or dishwasher water? A new product called ThermoDrain offers the ability to do just that. We love this ingenious technology for conserving heat that would otherwise just drain away. The way ThermoDrain works is simple: a copper drain pipe is wrapped with… Read more »

Pre-Rinse Kitchen Faucets are Hot!

One design trend for kitchens is the commercial style pre-rinse kitchen faucets that add good looks and terrific functionality to a home chef’s kitchen. With their high arching spout and powerful sprayer, these faucets can make a statement in your kitchen. Their high arching clearance make it a snap to fill large pots. When paired… Read more »


Luxury Kitchen Appliances from Napa Valley

Hestan’s commercial luxury kitchen appliances were tested in restaurants by some of the industry’s top chefs. Now the California-based company is launching their own Hestan Home residential line of luxury appliances. We think they’ll be the highlight of your Katahdin kitchen! New Appliance Lineup for 2018 Hestan’s team worked closely with chefs to innovate their appliances… Read more »


5 Reasons Katahdin’s Energy Envelope System Works

One very important component of Katahdin Cedar Log Homes is our Energy Envelope System (EES). This system enhances our Northern White Cedar log walls and offers other benefits as well! Here are the top five reasons our Energy Envelope System works for your log home: Superior Comfort—One of the benefits of log homes is their… Read more »


Workstation Sinks Make Prepping a Dream!

Everyone is talking about the new workstation sinks that have taken kitchen design by storm! These sinks are fashioned to hold cutting boards, colanders, soaking vessels, and drain grids with interchangeable levels and configurations to enhance your sink work. Two companies have developed workstation sink systems featuring their stainless steel undermount sinks. Ruvati Accessorizes Their… Read more »


Green Tip: Septic Assist Garbage Disposal

One of the downsides to private septic disposal systems is the penalty building codes require for a food disposal. Sometimes a larger septic drain field is required; sometimes homeowners are required to increase the number of bedrooms (occupants) the septic is designed to handle. Sometimes folks are wary of adding additional food waste to their… Read more »


Our Log Home Show Team Travels Off to the Midwest!

Next up on our busy travel schedule are the shows in Kansas City Mo., Atlanta and Indianapolis. These are three shows that serve areas where plenty of log homes fit comfortably in nearby locations. If you’re new to log homes, these shows are a great way to become better informed about Katahdin’s dedication to quality,… Read more »

9 Ways to Meet Katahdin Log Home Experts

This new year is off to a great start for our log home schedule! We’ve got nine shows on our schedule where you can get started on your log home journey. Katahdin’s team of dealers and representatives will be busy traveling and setting up across the country, so mark your calendars now! We’re excited to… Read more »

Green Tip: Smart Kitchen Hoods

One of the most misunderstood and underutilized appliances in any home is the kitchen range hood. Most homeowners only turn the fan on when visible smoke or high humidity is produced—if the fan is activated at all. Smart kitchen hoods hope to address this activation problem by using sensors to turn the fans on automatically… Read more »