Deep Creek/McHenry, Md. Multiple Log Home Open House

Reserve your spot for this chance to tour two beautiful log homes, plus enjoy a driving tour of other spectacular Katahdin Cedar Log Homes in the area. It’s a chance to appreciate the scale, beauty and craftsmanship right up close! To RSVP, click here and reserve your spot today, these events fill up fast, so… Read more »

Green Tip: Community Solar

Gathering the sun’s energy via solar panel systems continues to be a viable solution for homeowners who want to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and control the cost of powering their homes. One option that is gaining popularity is community solar, which offers Katahdin Cedar Log Home owners access to solar energy remotely. This is… Read more »


Power Loft Stair Frees Up Valuable Space

A small Katahdin Cedar Log Home can be just the right size for a weekend getaway or what Mainers call a summer camp. Equipped with a loft, a porch and the basics, these hideaways are great for family togetherness. But if you’re like Katahdin customer Ken Heenan, you may want to convert your loft ladder… Read more »


Weather Stations Provide Plenty of Information

Keep track of the weather that really counts— what’s in your back yard! Home weather stations have come a long way in recent years. Adding a weather station to your Katahdin Cedar Log Home is one way to track your immediate environment, but also provides valuable data to weather pros! Tap Your Inner Meteorologist For… Read more »


Exploring Sous Vide

Once just the province of fancy restaurants, sous vide cooking has arrived in home chef kitchens in the form of residential scaled appliances including one new entry in wall ovens that includes a sous vide feature. With price points starting at under $200, sous vide can be an exciting way to prepare meals in your… Read more »


Imagine a Hammock Bathtub

Add some excitement to your master suite with an elegant Hamaca bath from Splinterworks in Bath, Great Britain. The tub offers a deep soaking appeal with sweeping drama in its curves and surfaces. Sized individually from 2.6 to 3 meters long, Splinterworks tubs are much deeper than a standard bath. Artist and Craftsman Collaboration Founded… Read more »


Green Tip: Advanced UV & HEPA Air Purifiers

As the data on how the novel coronavirus is spread comes to light, more families are looking toward air purifiers as a healthy defense against the virus inside their homes. One company, Air Oasis offers a variety of solutions to improve indoor air quality. We’ll focus on two products that employ UV light as a… Read more »


Dumbwaiters Save Time in Busy Households

One of the favorite features of the Katahdin Cedar Log Homes mill tour is owner David Gordon’s own home—and his home’s dumbwaiter. Gordon uses his to transport firewood from his basement up to the main floor. Wouldn’t you love to include one in your new log home? Here are some tips on where to start.… Read more »


Collectible Heaven

Many folks have gorgeous collectibles they want to display in their new Katahdin Cedar Log Home. Whether your passion is kitchen tools, dishes, ceramics, textiles or framed art, here are some ideas to share your collections with your friends and family. These beautiful and interesting items can add your own personal flavor to your new… Read more »


Jack & Jill Baths Make Sense for Families

One great way to maximize space in your Katahdin Cedar Log Home is to create a Jack & Jill bathroom linking two bedrooms. You’ll save money on fixtures but still provide a full bath for each of the two bedrooms. Here are some tips to make your shared bathroom functional and efficient. Jack and Jill… Read more »


Elegant Shower Seat Solutions

Walk-in showers are a great solution for the master bathroom in your Katahdin Cedar Log Home. Adding a shower seat to the walk-in expands their functionality from a universal design perspective. We found the top designer tips for adding seating in your walk-in shower. Benches or foldaways, fixed or portable, shower seating can take many… Read more »


Green Tip: Kitchen Sink Accessories

Kitchen sink areas just keep getting more options! The latest time-saving sink accessories for many Katahdin Cedar Log Home gourmet kitchens include an instant hot water dispenser and glass rinser. Compact Design Insinkerator, the disposal experts, have develop a line of instant hot- and cold-water dispensers. The Involve HC View is designed to bridge the… Read more »