Best Artificial Christmas Trees

The soaring cathedral ceilings that feature in many Katahdin Cedar Log Homes are the perfect setting for a grand Christmas tree. Because these perfect spruces are difficult to locate and expensive, many folks are opting for an artificial tree as a centerpiece for holiday decorating. Today’s artificial trees are more realistic and easier to assemble… Read more »


Strategies to Protect Holiday Deliveries

  Home deliveries have become an integral part of the holiday season. Unfortunately, so-called “porch pirates” have taken advantage of this trend, making off with deliveries left on front doorsteps. But not to worry, there are some great solutions and strategies to outwit these holiday grinches. Here are seven strategies to thwart porch pirates! Install… Read more »


Green Tip: ICF Reinforced Block Foundations

Traditional concrete basements and foundations can’t compare to the new foundation technology available in Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) reinforced blocks. We took a side-by-side comparison of traditional concrete versus one ICF manufacturer, Fox Blocks, for use in constructing a Katahdin Cedar Log Home. We learned that the benefits of Omaha, Neb.-based Fox Blocks cover the… Read more »


Green Tip: ERV Filtration Upgrade

Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) are a great solution to meet indoor air requirements in today’s tightly sealed, energy efficient Katahdin Cedar Log Homes. Panasonic’s IntelliBalance 200 offers carefully calibrated controls that adjust the airflow inside the home to eliminate negative airflow created by bath and kitchen exhaust fans. Negative airflow can cause indoor air quality… Read more »


Maine Lake Kodiak Shows Ingenuity

Alan and Barbara Wilson’s goal was to build a lakeside retreat on Alan’s family land on Patten Pond near Ellsworth, Me. This three-season log home would bring together future generations in a beautiful setting full of childhood memories. They ultimately achieved that goal and now spend summers in their modified Kodiak Katahdin Cedar Log Home.… Read more »


Masonry Heaters: Clean Burning Warmth

Masonry heaters have been heating homes for centuries. First developed by Scandinavian and Russian masons, these ingenious wood-burning heaters provide long-lasting, continuous warmth with minimal emissions and maintenance. If you’re looking for a cozier fireplace option for your Katahdin Cedar Log Home, you may want to look into masonry heaters. They can be custom built… Read more »


5 Ways to Maximize Log Home Wi-Fi

Seems like everything is “smart” in new Katahdin Cedar Log Homes, which is the top reason why you should maximize your home Wi-Fi coverage. Check out these tips to make your Katahdin home ready for all the devices and appliances that will be part of your daily life. Even if a Wi-Fi connected fridge isn’t… Read more »


Fruit Trees Add Shade and Bounty

When Katahdin Cedar Log Homes hosts their Logapalooza events we talk extensively about ways to enhance your home’s energy efficiency, through orientation, window placement and wall insulation. Another element that can be very beneficial to your home environment is planting fruit trees. Fruit trees can grow quickly and their generous leaves can provide welcome shade… Read more »


A Clock for Every Room

Smartphones have taken on the role of time for many of us, yet the beauty of a traditional clock can enhance any room in your Katahdin Cedar Log Home. When choosing a clock for a specific space you’ll need to look at several aspects. Visibility Is the clock meant to be seen only while illuminated… Read more »


Green Tip: New Septic Option for Challenging Sites

Many folks come to Katahdin Cedar Log Homes with rural sites that present challenges for septic waste disposal designs. Designed by a professor of chemical engineering based in Cincinnati, Ohio, the NextGen Septic system is an easy-to-install, chemical-free treatment solution for sloping, rocky or small lots. How Does it Work? This septic solution from NextGen… Read more »

Put Your Water Heater to Work

Water heaters are often a drain on your home’s energy reservoirs so examining your water heating options is a good idea to keep future costs down. A new entry into the high efficiency arena is Rheem’s ProTerra hybrid electric water heater — rated as four times more efficient than the average electric water heater. Heat… Read more »

How Does Your Garden Gate?

Enclosing a garden area can be a smart addition to your Katahdin Cedar Log Home, especially if you wish to control wildlife, pets and children from exiting or entering. Access to your garden area should include several considerations before settling on a gate and fence. Selecting the Fence Unless your yard is surrounded by hedges… Read more »