Katahdin Cedar Log Homes tradeshow floor;

Back to School Means Fall Log Home Shows

Summer vacations are winding down and that means road trips for fall log home shows! You’ll want to save the date for these great fall log home shows, including a new destination for the Katahdin team in Great Falls, MI. Log home shows are a great way to become better informed about Katahdin’s dedication to… Read more »


Universal Design Friendly Bathrooms

Universal design is a great approach to designing a home that makes it easier to live in when mobility can be a factor. It includes commonplace options like single level living, wider doorways and halls, and other features to allow families to remain in their homes longer. Bathrooms can offer specific challenges, but when universal… Read more »


Designing the Perfect Garden Shed

A well-appointed garden shed can be a great way to organize your tools, store gardening supplies and set aside a workspace for potting, seedlings, and other garden activities. Here are some great ideas to consider when thinking about your new log home’s garden shed. Location— Siting your garden shed is an important factor. Create a… Read more »


Green Tip: LG Twin Wash with Sidekick

Sometimes you need to wash just an item or two and don’t have time for a full load to accumulate. Or, a few delicate items need a quick wash at a different temperature than the full load. LG has a great solution for these tiny loads: the LG Twin Wash with Sidekick pedestal. The LG… Read more »


Back to Basics: Determining Your Budget

There are a lot of elements to building a beautiful Katahdin Cedar Log Home and determining your budget is an important one to initiate. Even if you’ve constructed a home before, it’s important that you, your dealer, and your contractor have a detailed budget to work from to avoid costly, unnecessary expenditures. We spoke to… Read more »


Durable Engineered Wood Flooring Solves Problems

Many Katahdin Cedar Log Homes feature walkout basements—they’re such a great use of space for additional living area. The challenge is finding a wood flooring product that can work in a basement environment, which can have added humidity. One manufacturer, Cali Bamboo, has developed an engineered GeoWood flooring that is water resistant and designed to… Read more »


Back to Basics: Land Acquisition

  The location of your Katahdin Cedar Log Home is a key element to achieving your dreams. Land acquisition is an important first step in building your new log home. If you’ve purchased land already, don’t stop here, there are still some steps and due diligence you’ll want to take before designing and constructing your… Read more »

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Cut AC Costs with Ice Bear Batteries

What if you could cut your AC bill by as much as 40 percent without losing comfort?  Ice Bear batteries use a unique approach with ice to save energy dollars. Reducing AC costs can mean significant savings in homes with central air —they often spend as much as half of their electric bill on cooling.… Read more »


Green Tip: extremeconcrete® Offers Unique Colors & Custom Options

Concrete has emerged as a popular option for countertops and other surfaces in Katahdin Cedar Log Homes. One manufacturer, Merge Design, took lessons learned from 20 years of concrete work to take their product to another level with their eco-sensitive, extremeconcrete®. We spoke with company president Peter Bustin about what makes extremeconcrete® different. Bustin started… Read more »


Plan Your Ideal Log Home Landscaping

So often we see log home owners who have invested so much time in developing their log home, they forget they’ll need to install some sort of landscaping to help their new home shine. Even the simplest of log home landscaping plans need a budget and some planning to be successful. Here are some tips… Read more »


Green Tip—LED Ceiling Fan

Many log homes take advantage of tall cathedral ceilings by installing ceiling fans and lights. The challenge is when the bulbs need changing! We located these gorgeous rubbed bronze Interceptor LED ceiling fans by Casa Vieja at LampsPlus.com for good looks and energy efficiency both inside and out. They’re rated for damp locations so, lakeside… Read more »

Driveway Pavers Can Solve Runoff Issues

Many municipalities are taking a closer look at rainwater management within their residential areas, and some are levying surcharges based on paved areas. One way to avoid rainwater runoff issues is with permeable driveway pavers instead of complete cover asphalt or concrete driveways. We love the look of pavers and these AZEK® Permeable Pavers are… Read more »