If you’ve never ordered kitchen cabinets, you may be surprised to learn of the wide array of options.  Kitchen designers are pulling tips from celebrity chefs, features from commercial kitchens and responding to a changing landscape of kitchen products to provide some really nifty new ideas. Here are eight ideas to make your kitchen super functional:

Deep Drawers-We love these utility drawers for the endless options for storage. Drawers are naturally
easier to access than interior shelving, so we like these deep drawers for storing serving dishes, bakeware, small countertop-style appliances that aren’t used daily, and other bulky or heavy items. Make sure the casters or roller tracks are designed for heavier loads than a silverware drawer.  Another neat option is installing a pegboard system for keeping stacks of pans or dishes in place and organized. The pegs can be moved and adjusted as needs change.`
Vertical Sheet and Pan Storage-These narrow vertical units make good spacers in kitchens where a little gap remains between appliances. The units can come configured with a small utility drawer above and a slide-out slotted drawer for cookie sheets, cake pans and serving platters stored on their sides.

Blind Corners– Most chefs  have seen the lazy Susan solution to the blind corner. This new sliding rack combination really makes great use of that deep corner space to store pots, pans, and other items. Put frequently used items in the first slide-out rack and less used items in the second slide rack. A new “cloud” pullout floats the oblong-shaped shelf out for easy access to items stored.

 Bread Drawer– If your family can’t spend a day without sandwiches, consider a pullout bread drawer to store bread, cookies and other baked goods. This nifty drawer kit with vented metal lid can keep bread clutter and storage units off the counters.

Two-level Cutlery Drawers– Go with slightly deeper top drawers for cutlery and tools to accommodate sliding two-level silverware configurations. Some come designed with knife slots below and silverware above, others with diagonal or customizable partitioning for tools. There’s also a model that has a slot to store a wooden cutting board.

Take cabinets to the ceiling – Those upper shelves that look  great in magazines, just aren’t practical to keep clean or provide effective storage. Take your cabinets all the way up and instead of the open shelf area on top, install glass doors to showcase items while keeping them neat.

Frosted Glass – A popular configuration is to include glass-front cabinets in the upper areas. Unless you are a super neatnik, opt for frosted glass panels that give the same airy open effect, without the clear view into your cabinets.

Organize by task– Plan for glassware and dish cabinets adjacent to the dishwasher for easier unloading. Keep kitchen tools and knife storage near prep areas or by the stove. Colanders and strainers can go near the sink. If you opt for a marble baker’s surface in your countertop, keep your stand mixer, baking bowls, measuring cups, and cookie sheets nearby in deep drawers or sheet pull out drawers.