Decorating is often dictated by the static visual tableau: furniture, fabrics, lighting and views. Elements that incorporate movement and sound can add a new dimension to interior and exterior spaces.

There’s a reason we hang mobiles above babies cribs— the movement stimulates the visual development of babies and keeps them fascinated for hours on end. Adult-themed mobiles are not restricted to museum installations, but can provide a pleasant, ever-changing atmosphere in just about any room.

A mid-sized mobile in a room with a cathedral ceiling can make the room feel more intimate and add some whimsy to appeal to children and adults alike. A mobile can add depth to an unused corner or capture a particular interest or hobby of the owners, such as nature, bird watching or fishing. Made of lightweight objects strung to moving sticks or rods, a mobile created from found objects can be a worthwhile rainy day activity.

Wind chimes
Wind chimes can offer a soothing and contemplative effect in outdoor spaces. Chimes can be as simple or as elaborate as you have the inclination. We found a number of websites selling precision tuned chimes in various tonal combinations. Wind chimes are fashioned from many different materials, each creating a unique sound effect. Aluminum, copper, brass, bamboo, shells and glass can complete the aural landscape in your home. One site offers dozens of kinds of wind chimes and offers audio buttons to listen to each wind chime’s individual song. Chimes can be soothing or energizing depending on the breeze and notes they create. Another site, Swamp Tone Wind Chimes offers hand-tuned wind chimes for precise songs and atmospherics, including “Earthsong,” Steeple,” and “Himalayan.”