The soaring cathedral ceilings that feature in many Katahdin Cedar Log Homes are the perfect setting for a grand Christmas tree. Because these perfect spruces are difficult to locate and expensive, many folks are opting for an artificial tree as a centerpiece for holiday decorating. Today’s artificial trees are more realistic and easier to assemble and store than ever. We took a look at the top Christmas tree companies to identify some options for your log home great room.

For more than 60 years, National Tree Company has been producing lifelike artificial Christmas trees. They’ve developed some nifty features that overcome some of the downsides of the artificial holiday trees in the past. Tree lighting is easy with built-in long-life LED lighting in abundance—750 lights on a 7.5-foot tree. The central trunk houses the power cords, with easy to access outlets along the trunk. The company uses 2,000 polyethylene branch tips that provide a lifelike branch density. Plus, the lighting is programmable using it’s LightParade® feature to select between for all white lights, multicolored and blinking or steady. Sizes up to 12 feet tall and generous width dimensions make this an impressive tree for any home.

For convincing illusion, take a look at Puleo’s Douglas Fir trees. Puleo enhances the branch tips with Realife PE subtle color variations (left) that simulate new growth and add to believability. The lights are available as traditional clear incandescent bulbs that keep working even when a single bulb burns out.  The nine-foot Balsam fir is equipped with 800 clear lights with a generous 7,477 branches.

Need to fill the room? Check out extra tall options from Balsam Hill  in several different tree “species,” including Vermont White Spruce, Berkshire Mountain Fir, California Baby Redwood and Balsam Fir. Styles include narrow or traditional, with options for color and clear LED lights. Sizes for these extra height trees range from 15 to 18 feet tall. If you only want to buy one tree, this is the investment to make.

You’ll also want to place the taller trees close to your loft area to facilitate decorations on the upper regions of the tree. Ensure there are plenty nearby electrical outlet to power your holiday tree.