centriq taking picEvery home has important information that is necessary to know: appliance information, owner’s manuals, fixtures, operating instructions…the list can go on and on. If you’re like many homeowners, important, unique data can be relegated to a drawer or a binder that may not always be accessible. The Centriq app offers homeowners a free smart phone app to securely store and retrieve essential information for your new Katahdin log home.

How does Centriq Work?
Centriq has developed a database and free app that can record information about your log home and store it securely for instant access anywhere, anytime. The information can range from major appliances to paint colors or videos showing how to install a filter.

Once the Centriq app is downloaded, most users start with their major appliances, including stove/range, furnace, water heater, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer/dryer— anything with an “on” switch. The way it works is simple: take a picture of the appliance nameplate and just from this photo Centriq gets the model and serial number and uses this information to create a database for that appliance. The database can then provide important and useful information about your specific appliance, including:

  • Owner’s Manual
  • How-to videos
  • Recall notifications
  • Parts and supplies

centriq nameplateEven if you’re not sure where the nameplate is located, Centriq’s Nameplate Help button can direct you right to it! Once you’ve gotten photos of all your appliance nameplates, your appliance information is available whenever you have access to the internet. For example, consider a lightly-used item like a portable generator. The power goes out one night and you need to start your generator safely. As long as your phone still has a data connection, you can open your Centriq app, tap on the generator, and you’ll have access to the owner’s manual and how-to videos in an instant!

Collect and Store New Log Home Information
The app’s appliance database is quite useful, but what we really found appealing is the amount of information about the construction of a new home that can be stored. Construction plans, elevations, permits, and deeds can be provided instantly when your lender needs verification to release funds.  Photos taken and stored during construction can avoid costly mistakes during home ownership.  For example, location photos can be taken of plumbing and wiring systems before the walls are finished. A record of where key infrastructure is installed can make locating your septic system pump or drip irrigation system easy.

Capture Details During Constructioncentriq categories
Many builders and contractors provide a binder of house details once the home is complete. Centriq can record and store information including subcontractors who performed work, paint or stain formulas, videos on how to operate home systems, brand information for components like insulation, windows, flooring and tile. The options are truly unlimited!

Where Do My Home Details Go?
Centriq uses cloud storage services from Amazon to keep your home’s details safe. The relationship with Amazon also makes ordering parts or filters a breeze with an instant link to the furnace filter or part needed to make repairs.

When it’s Time to Sell
Real estate brokers will love the easy access to your home’s information for complete and accurate disclosures. Documents like deeds, plot plans, septic and well locations, age and condition of appliances—  all are data stored by the Centriq app. And when your home is sold, the data is stripped of any personal information and can be transferred to the new owner’s Centriq account.