We’re delighted to announce our redesigned website is now live! We have been working with our website designer for several months to add new photography, navigation and other features to encourage our customers to explore.

The first thing that the returning visitor will notice is the clean and clear overall design, featuring wall-to-wall, widescreen photography of beautiful Katahdin Cedar Log Homes. We’ve compiled a lot of information on the site over the past few years. As a result, we rearranged the navigation in the new design to make it easier to find answers to your specific questions about log homes, cedar logs, insulation, environmental initiatives and the basics of home building.

One great new feature under the "Galleries" tab on the home page is the new "Showcase Log Homes" section (right), where photos from twelve beautiful showcase Katahdin Cedar Log Homes are available. You’ll be able to explore each home via rich and vibrant photography of both interiors and exteriors.

Another great feature found right on the home page is the “A Cut Above—Why Katahdin Logs Save Money.” This delves deeper into the cost-saving ways that Katahdin’s manufacturing process can reduce costs in labor, subcontracting, time and energy.

There are plenty of other areas to explore, including Maintenance, How to Find a Dealer, The Katahdin Difference and multiple ways to contact Katahdin directly. So click here and explore more on the new redesigned website: www.katahdincedarloghomes.com.  Special thanks to our Web gurus, Crystal Vision for their continued and excellent work on our website!