One of the great benefits of the Energy Envelope SystemTM—besides code-compliant energy conservation in a whole log system—is the flexibility it offers to home owners who want to mix and match log and other wall treatments on the inside of their homes. The warm wood of cedar paneling that completes the interior surface of a Katahdin Cedar Log Home with the Energy Envelope System is nimbly swapped out for stone, drywall, tile or other wall surfaces or treatments. The result is a dizzying array of options for the creative interior decorator.

With the option of drywall, log home owners with a more eclectic sense of color can add small or large painted areas to complement furniture, carpeting or artwork. In one of the examples below, a mix of dark stained purlins and painted drywall can emphasize these dramatic elements in the home. Adding a few drywall areas in a log home can also offer an easier option for hanging artwork as well as the option to change an interior look easily by repainting.

Another option for larger living areas is to select a whitewashed effect, using a zinc-based stain with an opaque white finish directly onto the cedar interior panels. The effect emphasizes the ambient light and brightens the interior to create an open and airy feeling.

Small rooms can also benefit from the use of tile or drywall in place of cedar paneling on the visible surface. In bathrooms tile can be laid on walls finished with greenwall, the waterproof version of drywall. The effect is a custom look with a creative use of glass or ceramic tile in shower or bath surrounds.

We’ve collected a selection of creative treatments that some of our customers have designed into their Katahdin Cedar Log homes to give you plenty of ideas for your own home.