Once just the province of fancy restaurants, sous vide cooking has arrived in home chef kitchens in the form of residential scaled appliances including one new entry in wall ovens that includes a sous vide feature. With price points starting at under $200, sous vide can be an exciting way to prepare meals in your Katahdin Cedar Log Home.

What is Sous Vide?
This French term means literally under vacuum. Food is placed in vacuum sealed plastic bags and cooked in a heated, circulating hot water  bath. The result is tasty and perfectly cooked meals. Sous vide is designed to cook to a specific temperature, so no overcooking— ever!

Entry-level Sous Vide
Immersion circulators are the easy way to try out sous vide. One great appliance is the Breville Joule Sous Vide. It’s lightweight and sleek with wi-fi or Bluetooth connectivity. The unit is placed inside your water-filled cookware, where it heats and circulates water until the desired doneness.

Sous Vide Water Ovens
These are countertop appliances that combine a water container with circulating and heating features. Most sous vide water ovens have digital displays and quiet operation. For large 11-quart capacity, consider the Oliso SmartTop & SmartHub Induction Cooktop Sous Vide Cooking Systems. The SmartHub Base controls the water in the SmartTop bath to within 0.1 degree. Include a vacuum sealer in your purchase and you’ll be set to go!

Air Sous Vide Features
Electrolux offers their 30” Electric Double Wall Oven with IQ Touch Controls with an “Air Sous Vide” feature. The convection style oven uses precisely controlled low temperature and airflow around your vacuum sealed ingredients to recreate the Sous Vide effect with air flow. The oven also has advanced convection and effortless Luxury Glide oven racks for the complete experience.

No matter what your experience level with sous vide, there are a lot of options to explore!