The front entrance to your Katahdin Cedar Log Home is a welcoming focal point to your home. That’s why folks spend quite a bit of time in selecting the right door for their log homes.

Nick’s Building Supply has innovative doors with a variety of options for opening sidelights.  Unlike traditional sidelights that have fixed windows, these door sidelights open and close to allow expanded access and allow fresh air to enter without opening the main door. Nicks offers two their sidelights:

  • Active Sidelights — These sidelights open like a double door, to provide just a little extra space to maneuver large items through the door. There is no door frame or post between the main door and this sidelight. Each active sidelight has a locking astragal, flush bolts and hinges.
  • Venting Sidelights — These open to allow fresh air to enter the narrower sidelight space, but do not affect the main door width and function. Venting sidelights have three-point locks and hinges.

Doors can be configured with one active sidelight and one venting sidelight or two venting sidelights.

2/3 Venting Operable Sidelights
These venting sidelights extend from top down at two-thirds of the height of the door frame then have a solid, fixed panel at the bottom to complete the sidelight. These sidelights are designed for better safety for small children and pets.

Many Door Style Options
Nick’s Building Supply offers sidelights for many of its custom designed doors. With left-right openings, active and venting sidelights, the potential to design just the right configuration of sidelights is nearly limitless.

Removable Screens
The venting sidelights can increase their utility with optional removeable screens to allow fresh air in while keeping insects out.