Enclosing a garden area can be a smart addition to your Katahdin Cedar Log Home, especially if you wish to control wildlife, pets and children from exiting or entering. Access to your garden area should include several considerations before settling on a gate and fence.

Selecting the Fence
Unless your yard is surrounded by hedges or masonry walls, you’ll need to select a type of fence to form the enclosure. For privacy, you may opt for a stockade style fence. For decorative purposes, there’ nothing like a pretty picket fence. Log home owners often opt for a rail cedar fence which can be amped up with nearly invisible wire fencing to keep pets and children from roaming. Some areas may need secure fencing of a certain height and level of security, such as an enclosure around a pool. Once you have identified the fence style, you’re ready to select a gate.

Visibility Vs. Privacy
Your garden gate is an access point for your garden. Do you wish to have privacy or some visibility? Are there pets or children that need to be contained? If privacy is your prime consideration, you may wish to opt for solid cedar fencing with a tall solid wood gate. That’s not to say that your gate can’t have some style— just add ornate hinges and latch handles to add decorative detail.

Mix & Match Media
Your garden gate offers the opportunity to get creative with design. A security minded stockade fence can be finished off with an arched top that still maintains the security of the perimeter. If you’re gating off a hedge and fence combination, an arched arbor gate will be a focal point with climbing roses, wisteria or clematis vines. Even a cedar post and rail can be embellished with a stunning custom wrought iron gate with a natural or abstract design.

Add Little Details
A solid wooden gate with a small decorative window allows visibility yet maintains the security of the solid door. Inserting small cutout shapes — diamonds, circles, or crescents— in a tongue and groove plank gate add a whimsical touch. A contrasting color stain or  bold accent paint can also change the decorative appeal of your gate.