One of the biggest culprit for energy use is the domestic water heater. If you’ve ever wondered if it were possible to tap into the ambient energy in your home’s air, AirTap™  has developed a solution. Acting as a conventional heat pump, the AirTap™ unit uses a low energy compressor to extract heat energy from ambient air and disperse that heat into your water heater through long copper tubing.

How does it save money?
According to the company’s website, it takes approximately 4 energy units to heat water.  The AirTap™ unit uses 1 unit from an electrical outlet and pulls 3 units from surrounding air to heat the water.  The unit can reduce energy consumption for heating water by as much as 2.5 times a standard water heater.  The unit provides more efficiency when the ambient temperatures are high, so placement next to a furnace or other warm area of the home will add to its ability to heat water.  The unit qualifies for an energy tax credit. It has a 1-year warranty for parts and labor; with years 2 and 3, the replacement parts are covered.