You’ve heard of smart phones, but the next big thing is “smart floors.” Lauzon floors offer a way for wood floors to look great, and work hard —invisibly—in a home. Lauzon has partnered with a Danish firm to license their photocatalytic technology, which uses a titanium oxide treatment to the wood to absorb toxic chemicals (VOCs) commonly found in homes.

They’ve found with independent studies that homes containing these wood floor products will be 85% purer than homes without. The treatment is activated through either natural or artificial light, and breaks down molecules into harmless carbon dioxide and water. When dark, the molecules will continue to work for a short time, then recharge when the next exposure to light occurs.

The company claims that installing the treated floors has a number of benefits. The floors are promoted to have the filtering power of three mature trees within a home. The floors act to greatly reduce common household pet and cooking odors. The finish of the floors is highly washable and resistant, allowing for cleaners to disperse and clean better.

The company offers two lines of flooring with the technology built into the stock: Authentik red oak and Organik  maple, which is also FSC certified. Other lines may be custom treated.