If you’re exploring interesting options for glass tile, you’ll want to check out Fireclay’s Crush 100 percent recycled glass tile. The tiles are available in 40 different colors, two finishes (matte or glossy), and 14 different size formats.

Fireclay’s Crush is made from pre-consumer recycled glass diverted from the waste stream from a window manufacturer and a solar panel maker, among other sources, in California. The company takes about one to two tons of recycled glass each week.

Fireclay collects the scrap glass and sorts it by size, from large pieces to glass “fines,” or ground glass. Fireclay then adds color tint to match its color spectrum. Because this glass waste from manufacturing allows for a consistent quality they are able to reproduce consistent color. The result is a bold and interesting tile option for baths, kitchens, entryways—anywhere a tile treatment is desired.

The Crush tile also qualifies for LEED scoring in green architecture. The smaller mosaic tiles are mounted on square foot sheets and larger tiles are applied individually, in installations similar to other glass tiles.