One of the biggest potential source of heat loss in your home is the entry doors from the exterior in. Katahdin uses Therma-Tru doors in our log home packages for their energy efficiency and durability. Therma-Tru’s energy efficient fiberglass technology door comes in a variety of designs, colors and wood finishes, or with a paintable surface. Each door has a superior sealing system which keeps heat in and outside air from infiltrating. For some locations a solid door with steel reinforcement can provide extra penetration protection from the elements as required by local codes. Therma-Tru doors are Energy Star rated and provide many structural advantages over solid wood or aluminum doors.

Therma-Tru doors are available in a wide array of options for both front entry doors, and French-style or sliding glass doors to access your outdoor patios and decks. If you’re having a hard time deciding on a style, you can visit Therma-Tru’s Door Designer page and pick a style, shape, color and other custom options to see exactly what a custom door will look like on your own home.