You may not realize it, but the bathrooms in your home consume about 75% of the water passing through your house. Now you can easily recapture and reuse the water from bathroom sinks to flush toilets. The AQUS® reservoir is an easy-to-install unit that filters “gray” sink water from the drain and feeds it to the toilet tank to be used in flushing. The unit is installed in the vanity below the sink and keeps fresh water from filling the toilet tank by holding the fill valve in the “off” position. A small water hose connects the AQUS® reservoir to the toilet. A combination of gravity, water pressure and a small electrical motor move the water from the under-sink reservoir to the toilet tank for flushing. The unit is ideal for homes in areas where water restrictions are prevalent, or where well water needs to be conserved. According to the company’s website, the average two-person home can save 10-20 gallons of water a day or about 5,000 gallons annually. The system qualifies for conservation points in a LEED certification review. AQUS® needs only annual maintenance and is compatible with most standard toilets. The unit is distributed through a strategic partnership with Sloan Valve Company, and has provided a list of toilet fixtures that are compatible with the AQUS system.