Ceiling fans have been a go-to option for homeowners who are looking for improved air quality and more efficient and comfortable heating and cooling. The standard ceiling fan hadn’t really changed much in a hundred years—noisy, dusty and over-designed. Recently an Australia/U.S. company, Big Ass Fans, decided to re-invent the residential ceiling fan. The result is the Haiku Fan.

The company completely revamped the fan motor for silence operation and 80% more efficiency when compared to conventional fans. The compact DC motor is run using a permanent magnet drive, keeping operation cool without needing ventilation.  Older ceiling fans are powered by noisy AC motors, which generate heat and require air cooling to run, thus the dust-collecting vents and big bulky housing. Haiku Fan’s aerodynamic foil design makes for optimized airflow. The foils are crafted from lightweight bamboo or composite materials. They also added some nice features to the Haiku Fan including remote controller, seven speeds, a timer, and a sleep function, which gradually slows the fan over time.