Sometimes the big stories of energy savings drown out the little innovations that can collectively make a real difference. We found two LED products that are really innovative.

The first is the Phillips Soft White A19 LED light bulb that can save up to 80% in energy and replaces a 60W traditional incandescent. The light is a soft white, and is fully dimmable to 10%. Another very nice feature is the “Instant On-Off,” which provides full light immediately. The bulb will last 22 years, based on a three-hour per day use.  These LED bulbs are perfect for locations that are difficult to reach, like cathedral ceilings fixtures.

The second is a nifty device that is easily installable without an electrician.  Snap Power has two products, Snap Power Guidelights and Snap Power Chargers. Both transform a power plug plate into a useful tool that clears the two primary plugs for other uses.  The Guidelight  provides three LED lights that shine downward to provide nighttime navigation. A sensor turns the LED lights off during daytime and on when the lights are out. The LEDs will last for more than 25 years, and draw a tiny amount of electricity. The faceplates are available in two designs and three colors to match existing plates in the home.

Snap Power also offers a charger product that incorporates a USB port for charging phones and other devices while leaving  the main plugs free.