Searching for a different look for cabinets? Dura Supreme’s Lyptus hardwood cabinets may be the answer. Lyptus is a hybrid tree of the eucalyptus plant that is grown on plantations in Brazil under the country’s sustainable forestry standards. A significant sustainability advantage that Lyptus holds is its brief 15-year maturity growth rate. More common North American hardwoods take more than 50 years to reach harvestability.

As cabinetry, Lyptus can vary widely in color, darkness and grain, resembling a rich mahogany when stained and finished. It’s variability can lend itself to a more rustic log home setting, though when well matched it can provide a rich depth to any room. Lyptus is comparable in its variable grain and colors to native American hickory.

Dura Supreme, the company that is marketing Lyptus cabinetry, offers a broad array of finish options.  When combined with the distinctive appeal of Lyptus wood, darker finish options can create a dramatic and exciting look in kitchens and baths.  The company offers a dealer locator so that you can see actual samples and door designs before making the final decision about Lyptus.