One way to be greener about the design of a log home is to maximize the living space by designing in space efficiencies. These little adjustments can really add up if they are addressed and applied in the planning stages.

One nifty way to add storage without impacting living space is the Murphy Door. These hidden bookshelf doors are installed in openings up to six feet wide, and can find their way into many different applications. In a kitchen, a Murphy Door can offer needed shelving, while concealing a large item storage area, a laundry room, or tucked-away office space. In other locations the bookshelf might conceal a tornado safe room or a secret wall safe. Whatever the plans, Murphy doors can add some serious whimsy along with added storage benefits.
The company offers two basic ways to mount the doors: a flush mount, which recesses the Murphy door into the doorframe and can fit into an opening of up to 36 inches wide. Other surface mount options provide the look of a built-in bookshelf or cabinet. Surface mount options can fit over openings up to 6 feet wide, but standard models are not available for openings narrower than three feet. The surface mount Murphy Doors are constructed to slide open using a bi-fold mechanism. Panels fold out so that the shelving is accessible on either side of the open Murphy Door.

Murphy Door also offers a custom design option for special locations.