We’ve addressed growing concerns over water conservation as well as energy efficiency in Green Tip articles. One way to save both water and energy is to install small on-demand water heaters under sinks, especially in the kitchen.

mini tank water heaterBosch has developed a nifty unit for under-sink on-demand applications called the Tronic 3000T. These units can offer immediate hot water to eliminate the need to run the tap to get hot water (we’ve all done it!). The Tronic 3000 comes in three sizes. The largest (ES8)  is a hardwired version that measures 17.4″ x 17.5″ x 14.5″ and supplies 7 gallons of heated water. This unit can supply two sinks.  The other smaller two units offer 4- and 2.7- gallon supplies and are plug-in adapted.

The units can be wall mounted using included brackets or log home efficiency mini water heaterplaced on the floor. The water tanks are glass lined and come with a 6-year warranty. Ideal applications include mother-in-law apartment or guest suite convenience, or sinks located a distance away from the main water heater.

These point of service mini-tank water heaters also reduce load on primary water heater units, extending life and increasing efficiency.