We’re quite familiar with No-Burn® Original, a fire protection treatment that is applied to wood as a fire retardant before finishing. No-Burn® Original was applied to the Katahdin Cedar Log Home we built for Extreme Makeover Home Edition. In fact, Extreme Makeover has used No-Burn® on 13 projects to date. We were impressed with its fire retardant abilities and its green composition: low VOCs non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. No-Burn® renders materials incapable of burning, giving residents time to escape a fire and to avoid extensive damage.

Now, No-Burn® has developed a new formulation that includes a mold retardant that enhances Northern White Cedar’s natural defenses against mold. The company recommends spray application of No-Burn® by a licensed dealer to meet warranty conditions. The treatment works under stains and finishes common for use in log homes, paint and other finishing agents. Other No-Burn® products are available to protect landscaping, fire hotspots and other applications.