If you’re looking for a great rustic flooring or accent option, check out EcoDomo’s Rainforest and Echelon lines of recycled leather tiles and floors.

According to the company’s website, EcoDomo’s recycled leather tiles are “made for extreme wear and tear conditions, [and] are nearly twice as dense as cork floor tiles, have abrasion rates comparable to linoleum, and are easy to install and maintain.” The recycled leathers can be customized for size, color, or embossing.

EcoDomo’s recycled leather is made much like recycled paper is manufactured. Scraps of leather from shoe, accessory and other sources are collected together, and ground into shredded pieces. The shreds of leather are then mixed with a binding agent made from natural rubber and acacia tree resin, then rolled into tiles and planks of various sizes and colors.

The Echelon tiles are made of 1/8” thick leather. The tiles are glued directly to either a wall or floor surface, and can be used in most rooms, except for full bathrooms. The Rainforest planks are made of thicker recycled leather (3/8” thick) that is applied to a cork and high-density fiberboard. The pieces come as either planks or panels and click together to function as a floating floor
surface installation.

One additional benefit that seems to suit a log home application is recycled leather’s acoustic dampening qualities. The leather tiles can quiet a room that has multiple hard surfaces, such as hardwood floors, log walls and windows. The tiles also have been used successfully in LEED building projects.

(All photos copyright of EcoDomo a/o its photographers)