>Front-end loading washers and dryers have been on the market for a while, but GE’s Profile SmartDispense washer and dryer use technology to take the guesswork out of laundry. The units are installed on a unique pedestal that holds dispensers for laundry detergent and softener. The washer uses sensors to dispense just the right amount of soap and softener for the size of the load, type of fabric, soil level and water hardness. The big capacity washer uses as little as 10 gallons for a small load and can save up to 5800 gallons of water annually compared to a top loading washing machine. The dryer features a reverse tumble drum and moisture sensor which reduce drying time and add to energy savings. Both units are Energy Star qualified and come in three colors: champagne, vermilion and white. Unfortunately for many households, GE has not yet developed a unit that will fold and put away the laundry.