If you’ve considered adding solar to your log home, but found the installation process complicated and expensive, Ready Solar may have the answer in their Solar in a Box® system.  The panels are designed on a patented framing system that finishes to less than an inch off the roof, so the appearance is similar to a skylight. Each panel is fitted with micro inverters, which allow a 5% to 25% production gain in locations that are partially shaded during the day.  These microinverters also allows for start-up panels to be installed with additional panels easily added at a later date. The panels are completely assembled and tested under factory conditions, so the installation dramatically reduces the chance for error and cuts roof penetrations by 70%. The Solar in a Box® design minimizes the debris buildup underneath the panels, and also allows for easy disassembly and re-installation when roof repairs are needed.  The system can also be remotely monitored panel by panel through its web-based notification alert of malfunctions.  This is a great way to make an entry into solar!