If you’ve ever wondered what becomes of all that recycled glass, check out these new terrazzo style products.  Recycled glass in various-sized chips is mixed with a matrix made of cement or resin.  The result is a beautiful, durable and unique surface that offers a wide array of color possibilities in the kitchen, bath or anywhere else you might consider using tile or stone. These terrazzo panels are manufactured with a variety of recycled sources—from deep blue Skyy vodka bottles to recycled traffic lights and amber beer bottles—and can be custom mixed and tinted to match a particular decor.  An array of standard colors range from warm amber and sage to vibrant grass green and blue. Sources for terrazzo-style surfaces include:

Ice Stone (www.icestone.biz) is one manufacturer based in New York who manufactures its surfaces using an emissions- and chemical-free process. The surface has twice the strength of marble and is nearly as strong as granite.  The 500-pound 52.5” x 96” x 1.25” slabs can be installed using standard stonecutting equipment with recommended sealing and care similar to natural stone.

Vetrazzo (www.vetrazzo.com) located in California, where the comprehensive curbside recycling program provides an abundant local resource for post-consumer glass. Vetrazzo slabs are 9’ x 5’ x 1.25” and weigh about 700 lbs.

EnviroGLAS (www.enviroglasproducts.com) also employs pale colored porcelain chips in tinted nonpetroleum-based resin made with coconut oil. They offer the possibility of formulating your own design by choosing the color of resin the mix of aggregate recycled glass or porcelain, and the finish. EnviroGLAS products are available in a number of sizes, including the EnviroPLANK rectangular flooring tiles that are 3/8” thick and come in a variety of length and width combinations.