Most people have become avid water consumers, but environmentalists are now bemoaning the effect of millions of empty water bottles in the waste stream. The solution? Filter your own water and use refillable containers.

One company, Everpure Pentaire Water has been purifying water since 1933 and provides commercial filtrations systems for multinational corporations such as Coca-Cola. Their residential systems website provides a selection of tools to help you get the appropriate filtration method for your local water. 

The company has its own water analysis laboratories for determining what contaminants might be in your water source. A water analysis kit can be ordered from Everpure, or you can have your water tested locally. Once your water is analyzed, they can then match the filtration system needed to remove the elements detected in the water supply. Some of the contaminants one might find in water include lead, chlorine, oxidized minerals, fluoride, silt, or parasites. Some of these only pose a taste factor, but others could result in serious health consequences for family members.

With the water analysis in hand, the Everpure site can help you match the right type of filtration system to the contaminants present in the water. One under-sink filter works well for families needing to filter out taste contaminants such as minerals, chlorine or silt. Other systems for reverse osmosis can separate other more dangerous elements from your entire water system before it reaches the faucets.