Today’s green homes are constructed for tight seals against the outdoors. While this helps to dramatically reduce heating and cooling, it also raises the issue of indoor air quality.  Providing for proper ventilation helps home owners to avoid moisture related problems from mold and also keeps the air fresh and free of indoor pollutants from all the products that go into a home.

Sufficient ventilation can be achieved a number of ways with solutions to suit most budgets. One option for the energy-conserving consumer is the HUVCO solar powered attic fan.  The unit needs no wiring and can remove 800 cubic feet of air per minute. Its solar panel is mounted on adjustable hinges and it comes in four configurations. Once installed the solar powered attic fan requires no operating costs.

Though whole house ventilators can be expensive, they can help to keep indoor air fresh, and depending on the model, filter and sterilize air or in colder climates store heat to warm incoming air. One model produced by Goodman Global uses a multi-stage air cleaning process to filter incoming air.  The unit uses a series of filters which first capture large particles followed by a HEPA filter for airborne contaminants. 

The Lennox Healthy Climate Heat-Recovery Ventilator transfers heat from outgoing air and uses the energy to warm incoming air, making the system more energy efficient.  The unit offers two climate related options: one for cold climates and one which stores the heat as energy for warmer, humid climates.