As the data on how the novel coronavirus is spread comes to light, more families are looking toward air purifiers as a healthy defense against the virus inside their homes. One company, Air Oasis offers a variety of solutions to improve indoor air quality. We’ll focus on two products that employ UV light as a means to control virus transmission, the iAdaptAir® HEPA Air Purifier and the nano Induct™ whole house air purifier.

Works with Central HVAC
The nano Induct™ Whole House Air Purifier is a great solution for homes with traditional forced air heating and cooling systems. The unit is installed inside the ductwork to transform your furnace or central air into a whole home air purifier. According to the company’s website, the nano Induct eliminates 99 percent of common indoor air pollutants, including:

  • Odors, including smoke and cooking smells
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that off-gas from furniture, carpets and other household items
  • Mold and mildew in damp areas like bathrooms and kitchens
  • Germs & viruses which can cause colds, flu and infections

The nano Induct air purifier has several benefits, including no filters to change, low maintenance and energy efficient solution to improving your home’s indoor air quality. It uses a combination of an air ionizer and ultraviolet light to provide an effective defense against these indoor air pollutants. This purifier is best used for families that do not require HEPA air filtration.

iAdaptAir is Sized to Fit the Space
The iAdaptAir HEPA Air Purifier adds HEPA filtration to the UV and Bi-Polar Ionization to enhance home air quality by eliminating common indoor air pollutants as noted above. These air purifiers are available in three sizes and feature easy to understand controls. Some features include an indoor air quality monitor that also moderates the operation of the unit. If poor air quality is detected, the purifier will operate until it senses improvement. The units also offer timed on and off operation, and a smart phone app to control remotely.

The advanced true HEPA filtration is especially effective to address allergy challenges, including seasonal allergies, hay fever, rag weed, and animal dander. The purifiers are extremely quiet. These purifiers also use UV light technology to kill viruses and bacteria. The iAdaptAir also includes a far-reaching, bi-polar ionization that binds with harmful contaminants on surfaces and in the air to keep your family safe.

Both products offer 30-day, 100% guarantee, as well as a Lifetime Warranty. These Air Oasis Air Purifiers offer peace of mind and healthy air in your Katahdin Cedar Log Home.