Your access to outdoor water has just gotten a whole lot easier with the Aquor House Hydrant system. Like the incandescent light bulb that used century-old technology well beyond its time, those clunky, brass exterior faucet valves are a real pain. Aquor has developed a system that uses water pressure and a unique plug-and-play system to make outdoor water projects a breeze.

Improve Water Efficiency
One of the most troublesome aspects of the old outdoor faucet technology is the waste. No matter how good the faucet or the hose, it never failed to leak. Plus, screwing on the hose connector was awkward and hard for hands that didn’t have the strength to tighten the hose on the faucet. Aquor’s flush mount design and ergonomic adaptors make switching hoses or plugging a sprinkler as simple as grip, push and twist.

Sleek Stainless Water Ports
The innovative Aquor hydrant system starts with its sleek flush mount ports. When accessed by an attachment accessory, the pressure valve opens to allow the free flow of water. Adapted from valves used on marine vessels, the Aquor uses top design and materials. The hydrant body is marine-grade 316L stainless steel built to withstand the rigors of saltwater environments. Aquor’s internal seals are Viton®O-rings, commonly used in aerospace and automotive applications and known for rugged durability. Aquor’s specialized hose connectors are molded from a high-tech polymer called Delrin®, not plastic. With only one moving part, a stainless steel operating rod, there’s very little wear and tear over time. Brass spigots use screws and washers to close and open the mechanism. Over time, these parts can wear and dry out, leading to leaks that waste your precious water.

Better Freeze Protection
Aquor’s stainless steel construction also is a better insulator than brass fittings against frozen pipes. You’ll be able to use the Aquor system longer into winter without fear of freezing up.