Keeping dust, allergens and other airborne particulates to a minimum is a good way to keep your indoor air quality healthy. Cleaning up your Katahdin Cedar Log Home with a H-P Chameleon vacuum retractable hose is a great solution.

How Does the Chameleon Work?
The Chameleon vacuum works using a unique retractable hose system that hides the hose within the vacuum tubing. For powerful cleaning, just pull, vacuum and retract the hose back into the wall. Using a proprietary locking valve on the hose, they offer superior suction with plenty of power.

The flexible hose retracts up through the tubing which is 1-1/4 to 1-3/8 inches in diameter. The tubes, which are laid out in “raceways” inside the wall cavity, will extend the length of the retracting hose before connecting to a central raceway. This central raceway ultimately connects to the vacuum machine and collection bin. If a long hose is required, the raceway will often curve up and down to accommodate the given length within the wall. The flexible hoses use large radius 90° elbows to keep the retraction smooth.

chameleon on.offChameleon’s Seal is the Key
The feature that sets the Chameleon apart from other retractable vacuum hose systems is that the sealing valve is contained at the terminus of each hose. Other whole house vacuums situate the closing valve as part of the wall duct. Attaching the closing valve to a wider area surrounded by wallboard make leakage a real problem, given the variability of wall surfaces.

Vacuuming is Easy
To vacuum, open the wall access and pull the handle down and away from chameleon retract hosethe wall. Keep pulling the hose until you feel the hose reach the valve. You will hear and feel the hose “click” into position. Then press the on/off button to begin vacuuming dry messes. To retract, with the system on, grab the hose approximately 8 inches from the valve and rotate hose to the left until it releases. Partially cover the handle end with your hand to retract the hose into the wall. Once fully retracted, the handle is pushed into the panel and then secured on the rubber ball. The system will automatically turn off. The Chameleon vacuum works with several different vacuum attachments for specific jobs.