In 2020, new EPA emission guidelines for wood stoves will be enacted, but one manufacturer is ahead of the game! Canada-based Regency Fireplace Products is launching their new environmentally friendly wood stove and insert products. The new Regency Cascades series joins The company’s 2020-compliant roster that also includes the Regency Pro-Series line of woodstoves.

What’s Changed?
After May 15, 2020 new wood stoves must meet stringent EPA emission limits of 2.0 grams per hour of particulate matter. Regency’s new Cascades models offer a miniscule 1.09 grams per hour particulate emissions through their innovative hybrid wood burning technology. That’s a 98 percent reduction in emissions when compared to an open fireplace!

Creating Efficient Burns
The Cascades series uses a second-stage burn and Eco-Boost combustor technology to create efficiency throughout the entire burning process— from first match to smoldering coals. There are four new models being introduced:

Regency’s Pro Series also utilizes this second-stage burn plus Eco-Boost, offering medium,  large, and extra-large format stove and insert options.

Stunning Flame Effects
Regency’s Eco-Boost combustor technology is meticulously designed to maximize efficiency and reduce overall emissions by a combination of re-burning and flame spreader technology. This combination of recirculating burn and spread creates a unique rolling flame that fills the firebox window. This energetic and turbulent effect creates one of the prettiest fires available. Some models include an optional electric blower that runs on electricity to push heat into the room, but all stoves and inserts will operate safely without power and provide radiant heat.

Cascades Performance Improves Efficiency
Because of the recirculating burn combustor technology, homeowners find that the performance stands out. With longer burn times you’ll need to reload the stove less frequently, making your cordage last longer through the heating season. A cleaner burn also minimizes ash and cleanup inside and out.

Regency offers a straightforward 10-year warranty on combustors and a limited lifetime warranty on the inserts and stoves – the best in the industry.