Receive smartphone alerts when flo detects a water leak in your Katahdin Cedar Log Home.The best way to protect your home against damaging water leaks is to detect them before they happen. New technology from Flo uses well calibrated water pressure sensing to detect leaks. As part of an all-in-one home water security system, Flo detects leaks before they cause damage, with auto and remote shut off capabilities.

Plumbing Doesn’t Last Forever
Before you dismiss water leakage as a remote possibility, the company’s website offers some alarming stats on the frequency of water problems in homes. In fact, water damage in your home is: 5 times more likely than theft and 6 times more likely than fire. They estimate that 40% of homeowners will experience water damage in their lifetimes! For those concerned about water conservation, about 17 gallons of water is lost each day in the average home due to leaks. In fact, two out of every three of Flo customers discover a leak they didn’t know they had when the water security system was installed.

How Does Flo Work?
Your home’s water pressure is like the blood pressure in your body. If the pressure is running high, problems like burst pipes FLo leak detection monitors waterpressure to detect leaks in your Katahdin Cedar Log create real damage. When the system is installed, it uses pressure loss testing to determine the presence or absence of leaks. Flo’s Microleak technology runs automatic, daily pressure loss tests on your water line to detect the smallest of leaks before they develop into big problems, like mold, flooding or other water damage.

Your Water System at Your Fingertips
When an increase of pressure, or drops in temperature or water pressure occur, the Flo system sends an alert via a smart phone app. The app allows you to turn off your water remotely to respond to the alert and can also help to identify service assistance and maintenance schedules. The company also offers an enhanced bundle, FloProtect, that includes water damage guarantee, with coverage for home insurance deductible if the system doesn’t work as designed. The enhanced version includes an extended 3-year warranty, as well.