Hot water is a big portion of the energy bill for most homes. Average households use about 64 gallons of hot water each day, spending $400- $600 annually on heating water. A conventional electric hot water heater can use as much energy as a home’s refrigerator, dishwasher, clothes washer and electric dryer combined. Other water heating methods, like using the furnace boiler, can waste energy by maintaining a constant temperature and switching a furnace on and off outside of heating season. Hybrid heat pump water heaters offer an efficient solution.Geo Spring hybrid heat pump water heater

GE’s GeoSpring Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater uses modern heat pump technology to warm water using ambient air. These electric powered water heaters can provide hot water for a household with up to 70% more efficiency than a standard electric water heater. Annual saving ranges are estimated based on family size: 2-4 people can save $160-330 per year; 5-6 people can bank nearly $500.

We like these super-efficient water heaters, especially when paired with solar photovoltaic systems. It’s one combination that can really cut your energy footprint.

This fall GE is offering up to $2000 in rebates when a minimum of three appliances, including the Geo Spring hybrid heat pump water heater unit, which can carve a big chunk out of a budget, if you plan to purchase GE kitchen appliances. The offer ends December 31 and the rebate in the form of a VISA pre-paid card must be submitted by January 29, 2017.

Geo Spring hybrid heat pump water heaters qualify for a federal tax credit of $300 and depending on where you live, you may qualify for additional rebates through state or utility programs. An added benefit is that GE is manufacturing these heat pump water heaters entirely in Kentucky. The Geo Spring comes in two sizes, 50- and 80-gallons to fit most sized homes.