Opting to choose metal roofing on your Katahdin Cedar Log Home offers plenty of benefits, including energy savings and durability. Some log home owners prefer the look of natural shingles, so we talked to Todd Miller, President of Isaiah Industries and Classic Metal Roofing Systems about new shingle-style metal roofing systems.

Great Design Options
For homeowners who want the durability of a metal roof, but prefer the look of traditional architectural shingles, Classic Metal Roofing has several shingle-style, interlocking metal roof designs. Two Classic styles replicate shake shingles: a rough-hewn, hand-split appearance in their Country Manor style and a smoother machine-split shake in their Rustic Shingle. For those looking for a traditional asphalt shingle appearance the Oxford Shingle fits the bill.

Summer Energy Savings
Metal roof systems are treated with PVDF paint systems in a wide array of colors. All but two colors are infused with reflective pigments to deflect radiant heat from the roof surface. This specially pigmented paint is Energy Star® rated and can save as much as 20% energy costs during summer cooling months. The design of the shingles themselves also use a ¾-inch dead air space as a thermal break, which adds to the R-value of the overall roof. This works on the same principle as the air space in Katahdin’s Energy Envelope System to enhance the R-values of cedar logs and interior insulation sheets.

Solar Compatible
Like any roofing product, metal shingle style roofs can work well with solar photovoltaic arrays, with rails attaching through the roof similar to other roof styles. Miller had an interesting option: specify a shingle style metal roof for the majority of the roof, but use a matching color standing seam roof for the area where solar panels will be installed. The rails can be clipped onto the standing seams, eliminating the through-roof fasteners. The solar panels will cover the standing seam area so the difference in appearance will be minimal.

Storm Performance
Miller had recently visited some of the hurricane ravaged areas to see how his metal roofs performed in the exceptionally high winds. The metal systems held in place in most cases, but unfortunately some were damaged by flying debris. Some of the debris came from other types of roofs, including clay tiles, that are now expected to be replaced with more secure metal roofs that have the appearance of tiles.

The Last Roof Installed
Miller finds many log home owners are selecting Classic Metal Roof Systems because often log home owners are building their dream home as the last home they’ll live in. Their lifetime warranty and 40-year finish guarantee make it for most residents the last roof they’ll ever need.