If you’re looking for a high-efficiency on-demand tankless water heater to handle your high-hot-water-demand household, then the new Navien A2 Advanced is the right unit for your Katahdin Cedar Log Home.

Navien kept all the original tankless features that made it an industry leader, including dual, stainless steel heat exchangers and the ability to cascade multiple units together. Navien just made them easier to install and connect. For your installer, a user-friendly EZ-Nav panel makes combining the hot water capabilities of more than one unit a breeze.

Built-in Hot Button
Navien enhanced the efficiency with a built-in hot button that activates an on-demand recirculation system, using built-in pump and storage tanks. Keeping unused heated water circulating through the system provides instant hot water, that saves energy and money. This recirculation system is especially important for large footprint homes, where hot water needs to travel a distance between water heater and outlet.

Uniform Energy Factor
To understand the superb efficiency of the Navien A2, you’ll need to know what the Uniform Energy Factor is. When the Department of Energy revised its efficiency rating system to the new Uniform Energy Factor, or UFE, it enabled consumers to evaluate the efficiency and output across different types of water heaters, including standard tank, tankless and heat pump water heaters. It also changes how water heaters are compared to each other, using four “bins” with low, moderate, moderately high, and high output in gallons per hour. This apples–to–apples approach avoids comparing a tiny water heater of 35 gallons with an extra capacity 85-gallon model. The rating is expressed as a number less than 1.0, with the higher the number, the better. Navien’s new A2 Advanced offers a UFE of  up to 0.96, one of the top ratings available.

So, go ahead and get that oversized soaking tub for the master bath in your Katahdin Cedar Log Home. You’ll know that your teenagers will still have enough hot water for their showering marathons!