Many folks come to Katahdin Cedar Log Homes with rural sites that present challenges for septic waste disposal designs. Designed by a professor of chemical engineering based in Cincinnati, Ohio, the NextGen Septic system is an easy-to-install, chemical-free treatment solution for sloping, rocky or small lots.

How Does it Work?
This septic solution from NextGen comes in a self-contained box and treats effluent using a three-step approach:

  • Biomedia Breakdown—Organic waste material passes through a proprietary biomedia combined with high-capacity aeration technology. This one-two punch creates biological aerobic and anoxic treatment of solid material, nitrogen and phosphorous.
  • Membrane Filtration—The membrane separation phase treats water for remaining nitrogen and phosphorous as well as filtrating and treating any remaining suspended solids.
  • Disinfection — Ozone disinfection technology is the a final stage to ensure treated water meets surface discharge and reuse standards.

The Next Gen system creates its own ozone from ambient air and treats the water using biologics so that it can be dispersed at subsurface or on the surface, depending on local building codes.

The system runs on 110-amp service and can be scaled for as many as 9-10 bedrooms septic design. NextGen requires no leach field so the space required for septic is dramatically reduced.

Transforms Unbuildable Lots
In some areas, it’s hard to get a soil test approval. Whether it’s clay soils, granite ledge or soil that’s too sandy, adverse septic test results can be overcome without the great expense of blasting, trucking in improved leach field soil or installing unsightly mound systems. Steep lots that can’t support the traditional treatment of slow leaching and mild grade are often unbuildable because of downhill runoff from septic systems. NextGen is self-contained, with no leach field. The outflow from a NextGen system is purified enough to allow discharge into nearby lakes or streams as permitting allows.

Great for Water Strained Areas
For home sites located in areas with diminishing water resources, the NextGen System can recycle waste water and provide water for non-potable applications, like landscape irrigation.

A Septic Solution for Small Lots
Lakefront lots can be notoriously small in some areas, practically eliminating the potential for building because of extensive space required for traditional septic disposal systems. With its 8 x 12-foot footprint, the self-contained Next Gen system doesn’t require a lot of area to provide septic service.

The NextGen systems are presently approved for residential use in Kentucky, North Carolina. Tennessee, Ohio and Indiana.  The company is currently working to gain additional state approvals for their treatment systems. Additionally, some states and local health departments have specific regulations for the use of treated grey water.