Many folks love the idea of solar power but not necessarily the looks— especially when paired with a rustic style Katahdin Cedar Log Home. Or, the configuration and orientation of the home’s roof structure doesn’t optimize the solar output. Enter the whimsical smartflower POP free-standing all-in-one solar system.

The smartflower system is designed to take a page from nature’s ability to sense and track the sun’s path across the sky, much like a field of sunflowers will gently turn to face the sun overhead. The solar array comes as a plug-and-play solar option that installs in just one day.

Why a Flower?
The smartflower product design takes a different approach to harvesting solar energy by maximizing “self-utilization” throughout the solar collecting process. Because it turns and adjusts to follow the sun, it achieves 60% utilization, allowing for enough solar production to power a home with a much smaller sized area of solar panels. This 60% mark is a significant improvement over most static rooftop arrays that have 30% utilization.

Smartflower’s elegant sensor-driven operation unfurls its petals at the start of the day, tilts and rotates as the sun travels across the sky, then folds its petals up to prepare for the next day. It also employs several self-preservation safety actions, including folding when winds reach 40 miles per hour. The smartflower features self-cooling technology and cleans itself of dust and particulates that can decrease production.

Optional Power Storage
One of the newer smartflower models offers a battery storage option for night or cloudy day operation to supplement an off-grid application. The batteries located in the smartflower base and are ready to go from the first day of installation.

You Can Take It with You!
Unlike rooftop solar arrays, the smartflower is completely portable. This means that homeowners can move their solar power source from location to location, avoiding the cost of improving a new home with solar.

With all this technology — and funky good looks—we think the smartflower solar solution is a great option for homeowners!