One of the dilemmas with solar power is how to store the energy created on sunny days for use on cloudy days or at night. Many homeowners utilize their state’s net metering technology, which sends excess solar energy back through the grid for a credit. This energy credit then offsets energy use when the sun isn’t out. Another approach is battery storage, which can be cumbersome and complicated. Some solutions that are more streamlined include Tesla’s Powerwall storage systems, which act as storage batteries for solar panel arrays.

With the many options already available, we were captivated by Sonnenbatterie’s smart approach to energy storage. This unit can harvest and store energy from solar photovoltaic panels. But even more intriguing is its ability to schedule energy harvesting from the electrical utility grid when rates are at their lowest. As a result, the battery is always topped off and ready to go.

The Sonnenbatterie system is available in several storage capacities but its flexibility and expansion capabilities really set this battery system ahead of the competition. The units feature integrated smart electronics to manage energy use during the daytime, storing it for nighttime use.

Sonnenbatterie is also a backup power source during power outages. The units have a power outage sensory system that will automatically switch to battery power when your home loses power from the grid. The combination of storage, maximizing the grid, and automatic power outage response make this storage battery system an excellent choice for your integrated solar log home.