Many Katahdin Cedar Log Home owners like the concept of greywater recycling, but most systems are cumbersome and require space for holding tanks and filtration. Greywater is defined as the “minimally used water that results from showering, laundry, and sinks,” not toilets. Showers in the average household account for a significant portion of greywater produced in the average household. That’s why the new Flow Loop shower system is so intriguing.

How Does Flow Loop Work?
The Flow Loop sustainable shower collects, filters, and recycles shower water — while showering — to maximize water use and reduce overall water consumption. The self-contained unit provides a rainwater shower experience with recycled and sanitized water with minimal maintenance and maximal water and energy savings. When the shower is turned on the shower water is suctioned back up into the Flow Loop unit to be pre-filtered, micro filtered and treated with UV light to provide a consistent recirculation of shower water that is clean and maintains the same temperature. The sustainable ahower process results in an 80% savings in water consumption and 70% savings in energy, according to the company website.

Forget the Yuck Factor
The filtered water in a Flow Loop shower is actually cleaner than the water that first comes out of the showerhead. The option to recycle water or not is always available at the touch of the drain plate. The Flow Loop also provides intelligent information to show how much water is being recycled, so you can track savings over time.

Easy Maintenance
Maintenance is quick and easy. Flow Loop requires two maintenance actions:

  • Filter Change — The microfilter needs replacement once a month or after about 200 showers. The unit slips in and out easily and takes 1-2 minutes to complete.
  • System Rinse Process — Every 2 weeks a system cleaning is performed by inserting a cleaning tablet and allowing the shower to perform a rinsing process for about 5 minutes.
  • Flow Loop offers a maintenance subscription to keep the Flow loop in perfect working order with regular delivery of supplies and reminders of when to clean.

Measurements & Specs
The Flow Loop website offers a simple measuring tool to determine if the shower unit will be easily installed. Flow Loop does require an electrical connection. As of this writing, the Flow Loop is not yet available in U.S. stores but will soon be available to order on their website.